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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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adult services censored on craigslist, but not a word about why.
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we dig for answers. unique modern ties. modern technology creates a family reunion like you have never seen before. two sets of twins, one in california, one in georgia, bound by the same sperm donor. you don't know about facebook or twitter, but you're too embarrassed to admit it. maybe what you need for your family, your job, your friends is a social media make over. we'll look at everything you need to know to join the digital generation. a major change on the popular online classified service craigslist which is hammered saying it promotes prostitution and child trafficking. the link for adult services is dead replaced with the word "censored." no explanation from craigslist with the change but this is an earthquake in cyberland. we know last week the attorneys-general in 17 states called on craigslist to take just such an action.
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connecticut attorney generally archdiocese generally ryrichard blumenthal. >> craigslist day to day the right thing as the result of our jawboning and talking to them. i think it can be a model for other sites that may either enable or encourage prostitution ads. >> leaving cnn's investigation into the matters is amber lion. what can you tell us today? certainly millions of craigslist users are noticing. >> well, tom, something you noticed physically about craigslist is if you live in the u.s. and go to your local page and scroll down to where the adults services section used to be you are met with a big black bar that says "sencensored." i have been on the phone trying
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to get ahold of craigslist and e-mailed them to see if this is permanent. we haven't heard back yet. one thing's for sure. this section has caused controversy in the past. people saying craigslist isn't doing enough to protect women and children that victims advocates say were being sold like sex slaves under this portion. in may, 2009, craigslist said they are going to start screening ads manually to protect women and children. for our investigation we put craigslist to the test, keeping them honest to see if they are doing what they say they are doing. we created this ad. in this ad it violates all of craigslist's rules. we wrote sweet, innocent, new girl indicating the girl could be a minor. we clearly put a price on here. $200 an hour. craigslist posted this ad online. we brought our findings to the founder of craigslist. one of the big things going on
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with craigslist is they say they are monitoring ads on adult services to see if the girls are underage or young. we put words in here -- sweet, innocent, new girl. we're going to see if craigslist will let our ad post. we'll also see what calls we get. [ phone ringing ] >> i saw your ad on craigslist. >> hello? >> yes. >> we have had 15 calls now? the ad's been up only three hours. 15 calls in three hours. craigslist says the staff manually screens all adult services ads and reject any that make it look or sound like you're selling sex. that may not be easy. when we looked through the ads, most are blatant. the fair fund investigating juvenile trafficking. >> most of the young people we have worked with that were exploited online. they talk about craigslist. that's the walmart of online sex
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trafficking. >> reporter: we're here at george washington university. we found out that the founder of craigslist will be speaking here today at a tech conference. he doesn't know we're coming. he's been media shy about the allegations against him. this guy is the craig in craigslist. it's his list. can people trust that children are not being sex trafficked on craigslist? >> i think we explained that thoroughly on our blog. >> that's where jim buckmaster says you will immediately contact law enforcement if you suspect -- >> jim does a great job showing that we do more than anyone in this area. pretty good for a community of 50 million people. >> reporter: this is inspector brian bray with the d.c. metro police department in charge of the prostitution enforcement unit. in craigslist blog they say they will immediately contact law enforcement any time they see a suspicious ad. you say you have never been contacted by them? >> that's correct. i'm not sure if they are notifying the right people. we're not getting called.
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>> reporter: what are you guys doing to protect these girls? you guys say in the blog you will remove any ad that looks like the person might be suggesting they're going to offer sex. look at this ad. it says young, sexy, sweet and bubbly. she writes here $250 an hour. what do you think she's selling in a bra and underwear, a dinner date? she's in a bra and underwear. >> have you reported this to us? >> reporter: you say you screen them manually. >> i don't know what this is. have you reported it. >> reporter: jim buckmaster -- >> have you reported it? >> reporter: why do i have the responsibility to report it to you when you're posting it online? it's your website? i just want to know -- i mean -- okay.
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we have run into a lot of victims and a lot of advocates that call your site the walmart of child sex trafficking. in 2008 craigslist agreed to report any suspicious ads to the center for missing and exploited children which works with police to rescue trafficking victims. two years and hundreds of thousands of sketchy ads later, the center says craigslist has reported fewer than 100. >> so, the action is craigslist appears to have shut down part of what we are talking about here. but after that confrontation, after your investigation which clearly drove this whole story, has craigslist ever reached out to you and explained any more, asked any more questions? what have they said? >> i look at it as the kill the messenger effect. i think craigslist was upset that the interview didn't shed craigslist in a positive light.
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rather than focus on the real issue t fact that the victims' advocates and attorneys general are saying craigslist isn't doing enough they have been coming out, blasting me and cnn. here's one of craig's blogs. he calls it amber's ambush and says we ambushed him for the interview. that's not the case. in fact, craig was in town giving a speech called "trust is the new black" on restoring public trust in internet websites. we asked cra inside after the speech for the interview beforehand. he said, okay, i'll talk with you. you're with cnn. he casually walked outside to talk with us. he could have ran away at any time. at one point he walked away, came back where i continued to ask more questions. in addition to that, craig kind of says, you know, why did cnn come and talk to me? why didn't they talk to jim buckmaster? tom, frankly, this is the craig in craigslist. he founded the site. he continues to profit from it.
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he's a self-described board member and customer service rep. here at cnn we felt comfortable approaching him with these questions, tom. >> all right, amber. i don't have any doubt we'll hear more about the story and you will stay on top of it. thanks for that. dramatic pictures out of new york this weekend. take a look at this. this is the scene on pier 97 on the hudson river where garbage caught fire and spread across the pier. no injuries reported. no signs of hazardous materials. the smoke attracted a lot of attention. we have a couple of ireports from eric grant. he lives in manhattan, a few blocks from the fire. no injuries reported but we are heard the wind is making the blaze a challenge for firefighters. a lot of smoke blowing around there. quite a scene. a state of emergency and cleanup continued today in christchurch, new zealand following a powerful earthquake there. buildings crumbled smashing cars. two people were seriously hurt. police reported some looting
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before order was restored and the early morning quake rattled some nerves. listen. >> i have never felt an earthquake like that before. you see it on tv. you see the destruction that happens from an earthquake. so when it's happening and you're braced in a doorway. >> we've got no power, no water. >> it's noisy and it moved around a lot. it shook very hard. it seemed to take a heck of a long time to stop. >> the long holiday weekend is no doubt much needed by employees at the discovery channel in silver spring, maryland, where newly released 9-1-1 tapes reveal just how tense that stand-off was with a gunman there earlier this week. the harrowing ordeal happened wednesday when the man took hostages in the building lobby, holding a pistol, saying he had bombs. it lasted several hours before a sniper shot and killed the man. the cleanup went long into the night. now police released the emergency calls from the first moments after the gunman entered
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the building. >> okay, sir, now the man that saw him fire the shot, did he say what he looked like? [ sirens ] >> what was he wearing? >> he was wearing a black -- >> a black backpack? >> yeah. >> are the police -- >> he's coming out of the building. he's waving a gun at the people. he just waved his gun at the people. he's wearing like -- like -- i don't know if it's explosive. i don't know if it's explosive. i think he's wearing a suit. but the cops are on the scene. >> okay, sir. now are there cops there with you? >> yeah. no. the cops are at the entrance of the building. he came out of the building and waved a revolver at the people and told them to move. >> amazing. about 1,900 people were working in the building when that
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started unfolding. none of them hurt. coming up, earl is now a tropical storm causing problems in canada. the northeast u.s. was spared much of the major damage, but did not escape entirely unscathed when earl blew by. >> did you not see the high water here? >> you can't see nothing. >> we will have the aftermath when we come back. and a mountain of debris crashes down on a village in china. the death toll is rising. with d with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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evacuations and warnings. the u.s. braced for the worst, but hurricane earl turned out to be kinder to the east coast than predicted. now downgraded to a tropical storm, earl is in canada,
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blowing into nova scotia this morning. it caused blackouts and knocked down trees there. so far, there is no word of severe damage or injuries. this ireport shows the power of the winds hitting the province up there. back here in the states, this labor day weekend won't be the washout a lot of people feared along the coast. susan candiotti has more from cape cod where some are asking if the governor there overprepared. >> reporter: not at all. he's saying all the agencies involved worked very well together. doesn't have a price tag for all of this yet. says that will come maybe in a week or so. in the meantime he's saying that residents in particular did the right thing by buying their hurricane supplies ahead of time, staying at home and not clogging the roads by trying to evacuate. one of the people met along the way, 88-year-old georgia. she decided to ride out the
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storm at her home on nantucket island. she spent the evening with burritos for dinner and a margarita. she did just fine. >> we stayed here. i took the dog out for a long walk in the rain. i thought it was probably the nor'easter we had ten days ago gave us more rain. it wasn't bad. she seemed to have a good time. after the fourth of july, this is the biggest weekend for hotels on cape cod. how do you think the storm is going to affect them? >> oh, there is no doubt about it. they took a beating here. in fact, the hotel owners are saying that they will just have to get through this. they're trying to take it in stride. >> 60% of the business isn't here today. we're at 40% occupancy. we would normally be sold out. this is a big weekend to end the summer with a bang.
5:17 pm
we'd rather have it like this than cleaning up debris. >> reporter: that's for sure, tom. the last time new england took a direct hit from a hurricane was back in 1991, hurricane bob. that mile post seems to be in place now. this one didn't change anything. >> between this and the oil spill in the gulf it's been a tough year for beach tourism. thanks for joining us. susan candiotti in cape cod. well, the storm may have passed but swimmers will still feel earl's grip in the ocean waters. jacqui is live with more on that. some people thought the storm would be worse. >> it was a good warm-up, i think, for everybody to prepare and get ready for hurricane season. the impact wasn't great in terms of getting any damage in the u.s. but the big deal -- and this is
5:18 pm
what i'm concerned about. look at earl. it's a strong tropical storm. it's way up here into the gulf of st. lawrence moving into newfoundland. it's far away from the u.s. already. but we are still feeling it. that's in the sense that we still have rip currents. it's gorgeous up and down the eastern seaboard. everybody wants to get to the beach. but if you go to the beach, getting in the water is still not a good idea. you can see pictures from west palm beach earlier in the week when someone got caught in a rip current and a rescue had to take place. there were hundreds of them last weekend from hurricane danielle. this weekend we are dealing with that from the remnants of earl. we have also got pictures to show you out of massachusetts where a lot of people have been trying to get in the water today because the weather has really cleared out. but there is a high risk of rip currents up and down the east coast. not just new england or the midatlantic states but all the way down to florida where advisories continue to be in effect. go ahead. go outside.
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enjoy the sand. just not so much the water. try the pool. this is the heart of hurricane season. we have a couple other areas we are watching the remnants of what was gaston moving toward the leeward islands. conditions becoming favorable for it to redevelop. we have another tropical wave off the african coast. more later about what the rest of the holiday weekend forecast is. overall it's good. the water just not so great. >> thanks so much. legendary tennis champ martina navratilova is opening up about the biggest battle she has ever faced off and on the court -- breast cancer. we have her story ahead. over to the gecko. gecko: ah, t, as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one.
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the u.s. open tennis championship is under way in new york, but many of the sports fans have their eyes on one of the greatest players of all time this weekend.
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martina navratilova is poopenin up and talking to cnn about the toughest opponent she's ever faced -- breast cancer. extraordinary frank conversations are captured in a special documentary coming up at 7:30 eastern. as a way to set the stage, navratilova tells fredricka whitfield while she went public. >> my life has been an open book. i guard my private life. as i get older i'm keeping the circle tighter, but i felt that i owed it to the women of my age to really be honest and, again, be true to myself. if i can make a difference, i just felt obligated to do that. i couldn't walk away from it. i didn't know how much impact it was going to have. initially nobody wanted to talk to me. i won't name publications but they were like, oh, it's not
5:24 pm
that big a deal. yeah, right. it's not happening to you. it's not because of me. it's because of the women that it is a big deal. you know the numbers have been going down. i remember 20 years ago it was one out of 12 woman would have breast cancer. now it's one out of seven. the odds are going down because of the stuff in the air, what we are eating, drinking, the stresses of everyday life. if we are not affected by it, we will know someone who is. >> for the daughters, mothers, sisters, friends you know, see this tonight at 7:30. a cnn special documentary. "martina: my toughest opponent." it follows her in london and paris as she faces her battle with breast cancer. don't miss it. coming up. >> who does this? >> relax. this is how everybody's doing that. >> shouldn't that be cleaned or something? >> i'm messing with you. >> knock it off. >> movies like "the switch" are
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[ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. i don't know if you have noticed but when it comes to the movie box office this could be called the summer of the sperm donor. >> a party for insemination? only cassie would do it like this. >> i'm ro land, the donor. >> i'm cassie's best friend. >> oh, that's okay. >> several movies have come out including this one called "the switch" about sperm donation.
5:28 pm
it's a new kind of family tie. the sperm donor siblealing. people born from the same sperm donor are finding one another online and in the best cases are becoming part of each other's lives. that's how it turned out for two sets of twins shown together here with their parents. jamie and jesse clapoff from california. they are the half siblings of helete and jonah jacobson who join me here in atlanta. all four of you came from donor 1096. you all went through the website, donor sibling tell me about the first time you ever saw the clapoffs. this is a very unusual circumstance. >> we were at my track meet in 6th grade. i just ran my race and they came up and it was a little awkward at first, but there's no point in making and feeling the awkwardness because you just
5:29 pm
have such a bond. it's an instant connection. >> you grew up in separate circumstances from these other folks. jamie, what was your reaction when you first heard the voices of helete and jonah? >> when i first heard the voices of helete and jonah, i wanted to know more about them, what they looked like, if we had anything in common with them. i was just really excited, first to know we had half siblings who are the same age as us and shared common interests. so i was just -- it was a little awkward at first, but i just really wanted to get to know them more. >> i have to tell you. right now everybody in america, including me is looking at the four of you and saying, do you look like you are all part of the same family? jesse, talk to me about how you behave. describe the relationship. we have pictures of you
5:30 pm
vacationing together in hawaii. it would have been easy to say, nice to meet you, now let's move on. why not? >> personally, i think our relationship is probably one of the best brother and sister relationships that anyone could ever ask for. we're all similar in the same ways. we have the same sense of humor. we're all athletic in our own ways. we're creative. and we just all kind of click together. from the first time we met each other, we just said, wow, this is going to be a great relationship. we should definitely just keep on keeping in touch really. >> really? >> never let this relationship end. >> jonah, talk to me about this. these are people you had never met before. you felt when you were around them they were more like family than strangers? >> oh, absolutely.
5:31 pm
right when we met, of course it was awkward. we had never met in person before. you definitely feel a bond right away. your siblings -- i think of it as a combination between a best friend and a cousin. that's how it feels to me. >> we have a photograph with another donor sibling, jesse. how many others are there from this donor that you are aware of? >> right now there are 15 including helete and i. we have only met, i think, eight in person. >> do you keep in touch with them as you do these folks in california? >> we keep in touch mostly with jayme and jesse. but there are others around the country we do facebook with, call sometimes, e-mail back and forth. it's different for -- i think some other siblings talk to each other different amounts than we do. yeah. everyone has good communication. >> let me start with the two of you in california with this question. do you want to know who donor
5:32 pm
1096 is and would you like to meet him? >> i personally would like to see my biological father just because i have never had that father figure but i would love to see if we have any similarities. but i love the life i have right now with my mom and my brother and having -- i would like to meet him, but it's not really a big priority in my life that i want to seek and find him further than just see a picture or know about him through the donor sibling registry website. >> let's get the other answer from california. what do you think? >> well, i think it would be cool to meet him. as jayme said, it would be nice to see the similarities we
5:33 pm
share. but if we don't meet him in our lifetime it's not the biggest deal to me. i love my mom. i love jayme. i love helete and jonah and their family. to me, they are just what i need. but if it turns out we do meet our biological father it will be a great experience. >> as you said that, helete and jonah were nodding. how do you feel about it? >> i don't personally feel like i really want to meet him. but definitely to see a picture, to see if we have similarities and what kind of features we share with him. >> you get the final word. what do you think? is this a good idea to meet the original donor of this? >> my personal opinion, i don't have any -- i don't feel any bond with our donor, but i know other siblings feel differently. i think a picture would be cool to see the similarities like if
5:34 pm
we look alike. that would be interesting. i don't have any interest in meeting him. >> it's been fascinating meeting you all. this is the sort of thing that frankly we were debating 25 years ago what will families be like when this happens? you seem to be like a family. thank you, helete, jonah, jesse and jayme. >> thank you. >> just ahead, the united nations desperate plea for more aid in pakistan. plus our cnn hero of the week used tips from her job as a tour guide to help educate hundreds of children in her country. turning a little change into big changes when we return. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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let's check out some of our top stories. bp plans to install a new blowout preventer atop the well in the gulf of mexico. everything appears to have gone as planned yesterday when the original blowout preventer was lifted to the surface for analysis. bp plans to complete the relief well and execute a so-called bottom kill to seal the well for good. in southwest china a devastating mudslide killed more than a dozen people in a remote village. at least 43 others are reported
5:38 pm
missing according to the official chinese news agency. part of the mountainside gave way after the area was hit by torrential rains. the united nations is appealing for more international aid for people suffering from the incredible flooding in pakistan. more than 1700 people have died. millions more displaced. 800,000 people have had to flee their homes in just the past few days. you know, it's easy to look at problems like that and think it has nothing to do with us, it's on the other side of the world. but kids across the united states are headed back to school, many with new clothes, backpacks and school supplies but in cambodia, the cost of the most basic supplies often keeps children from attending class. this week's cnn hero is a survivor of the kmir rouge
5:39 pm
regime who uses her tip money to help the poor. >> in cambodia, some children come to school but not very regular because the family needs to have them in the farm. the school is free but they don't have any money. how can they have the money for uniforms and supplies? help the children to go to school. the education is important for me because my father was a teacher.
5:40 pm
the organization has helped more than 2,000 children receive an education. you can find out how to help by going to cnn we have much more coming up. is pittsburgh quarterback ben roethlisberger getting off for good behavior? that story is ahead. ♪ you're the one
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we seem to have a lot of stories tonight about the internet. if you're looking to keep fit on weekends, if you're one of the weekend warriors and that's when you do a lot of workouts there are tools online to help you meet your goals. dr. sanjay gupta gives us the rundown in today's fit nation. >> reporter: we live our lives online. we buy plane tickets, pay bills. why not fitness. >> when people want help, the internet can be the best way to search for it. if you can get that help immediately online, that's great. >> reporter: we put some of our fit nation experts on the hunt to look at some of the latest and greatest online fitness tools. check out the fit orbit. a real fitness trainer online. >> i love that you can pick the type of activity level wh you have a desk job, you're a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your trainer can adjust your fitness goals on a daily basis and keep track of nutrition. the biggest downside?
5:45 pm
>> once it's online the intensity can be removed a little bit. >> reporter: if you're in the mood to run, gmap speedometer. >> for a business traveller it's great. as you travel, map out your course, see the distance and you're good to go. >> reporter: if nutrition is the focus check out a meal plan tool called sensei. >> you can choose frozen, fast food, home cooked meals. there is an emphasis on healthy food choices. >> reporter: it comes complete with recipes, a shopping list and cost per meal calculator. a free healthy typicaled healthy mondays may be the one stop shop. >> it promotes small, sustainable changes. it's great when used with other wellness initiatives. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> coming up, jumping on the
5:46 pm
social media bandwagon. >> log on. upload a photo. i say to upload the best photo even if it doesn't look like you. that's what everybody on facebook does. >> tips on getting savvy with social media next. ok. what if i just had a small slice? or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2010 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months with $3,489 due at signing. see your lexus dealer.
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you know, here at cnn, we're always asking you to follow us on facebook and twitter. we realize for some of you it's like we are speaking greek. we're sorry about that. we don't want to leave you out of the conversation, so we thought with the kids going back to school this is a great time to have our tech makeover whiz here to give us a lesson.
5:50 pm
tell us how it's going? >> yes. i'm certainly trying. we are giving digital makeovers. yes, it's easy to assume everyone is on facebook and twitter and linkedin and myspace. but it can be overwhelming. while 74% of do rely on social networking, that leaves a quarter that don't. digital makeovers from two individuals, a new york city actress and the father of one of our fabulous cnn producers. have a look. >> facebook, for many people, means different things. people have to reconnect with friends from high school. people love it for connections and reconnections but for you, which blows my mind is you're an actress. >> yeah. >> this is a real networking opportunity. it's as much or as little as you want. i think that's what's cool about it. if you want to sign on once a week, stay in touch with family and friends, you have that option. i want to get you going and at least try it. would you be open to creating an account? >> sure. >> let's do it.
5:51 pm
log on. i like to say upload your best photo, even if it doesn't look like you, because that's what everybody on facebook does. i also tell people when they're signing up for this, they're going to ask for profile information and things like religious and political views. share as much or as little as you want. if you don't want to put your year and your birthday, i don't think that's a bad thing. >> anything you're putting out there, just assume you're putting it out to the world. if you don't want it on a billboard on times square, don't share it. >> that means no pictures. >> there's a lot of stuff i can cut and paste from my website. >> do it. >> interesting in -- >> i leave those blank. >> save changes? >> save changes. >> now here is like the moment of truth. this is view my profile. this is big. okay. >> hey. >> really exciting. >> holy cow! you just had all these friend options pop up. are these people that you know? >> more than half, but not all
5:52 pm
of them. >> is that cool? is that interesting? is that weird? >> that is interesting. i wasn't planning on spending the afternoon looking at this, but i see the temptation now. >> now i want to show you how to add friends, because i think this is fun. i like to use this search bar at the top and i just type in somebody's name. >> okay. i'm going to -- >> i know. it's like overwhelming. >> when i add someone as a friend, do i need their permission to do that? >> when you put that add friend button, they will get a request and they can turn it down. >> oh, okay. >> oh, look, it's my brother. i could just add my brother first, because he comes up. i have to send a request first? >> exactly. and you can add a message with that request. i think he would know who you were. >> i suppose as i navigate through the friends of friends, i can find other people who -- >> exactly. >> -- i may know. >> search for my band.
5:53 pm
>> ooh, are they on? >> yes. >> so your band is on facebook but you're not on facebook. >> is that wrong? >> what is a wall? >> people can write on it and xwrour updates take place like, hey, she's uploading new photos, for example. how cool is that? >> i clicked on them. so now it's add them. >> to add them i like them? >> exactly. >> are you going to do it later? >> i might. i might. >> in the last 20 minutes you've grown immensely. >> oh, well, thank you. >> well done. >> great. i hope i get a couple of jobs out of this. >> fabulous. another one sucked into the facebook portal. >> are you going to friend me? >> absolutely. >> katie, i have some teenage daughters who do this like breathing and yet the older you go up the food chain, the harder. >> yes. >> where do you see the break-off where it becomes harder for adults to do it if
5:54 pm
they haven't before? what age? >> it's interesting to know that the largest growing number of facebook users is 50 plus. in social networking as well. 65 plus has seen 100% growth in the last year. really remarkable. it was interesting, tom, in working with james as an older user. he has seen people he hasn't seen for decades and he's going on, having a more calculated, methodical approach. the older users ask a lot more questions as opposed to a younger user who dives right in and says we're going to figure it out as we go. >> that's one of the things i hear from older users a lot, a sense of, yeah, i can do it but what's it for? they want a real meaning as opposed to just killing time. >> right. for jenny, this is a good example. she's an actress in new york city, a very talented one. we talk about social media and social networking, who is it critical to be used by? jenny is a perfect example. here she is, in the city, spending thousands of dollars on head shots, trying to reach casting directors, connect with people and trying to get them to her events where she could be
5:55 pm
using a free resource like facebook or twitter to connect with people. take it, use it to your advantage, especially if you are a business. jenny, as an actress she is, at the core, a business. >> kitty linendoll you make it look easy. you have to get into it, even if you don't want to. thanks, katie. good having you here. i have heard some odd 911 calls in my time but nothing quite like this one. >> i just need a hug and you know, a warm cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows in it would probably be pretty nice. >> what would prompt anyone to call the police for a hot chocolate and a hug? a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal.
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time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight? if you ride drunk, you will get caught... and you will get arrested.
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5:58 pm
before we wrap up this hour, we want to bring you interesting news items you may have missed during the week, just as we do every weekend. the national football league has reduced the suspension of pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger to just the first four regular season games. he was suspended for six games in april for violating the league's personal conduct policy. a 20-year-old georgia woman accused him earlier that month of sexually assaulting her but georgia prosecutors decided not to file charges. another nfl star's hair is
5:59 pm
now ensured for $1 million. procter & gamble took out the policy when lloyds of london to protect the hair of -- there he is, troy polamalu. he is featured in commercials for head and shoulders shampoo and says he has not cut his hair for years but in many games it's a wonder it's not yanked out. scooter slamming into a pickup truck in iowa city. the cyclist was josh koeppel. incredibly, he was not seriously hurt, released from the hospital a short time label. he was held out of season's opening today victory. asking for towels, hot chocolate and a hug. he didn't get much comfort. he said he was the sheriff, too, but that didn't help. in beaverton, oregon, neighbors had already called, complaining about the man yelling in the hot tub. take a


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